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Kevin Pieterson

by on August 15, 2012

So this has nothing to do with Running but really just wanted to air my views.

I do wish to state that the below is really my own opinion, thoughts and views on KP.

I haven’t read the latest KP book but have been told about some of the excerpts in it, and do feel that there are some untruths in his book and I do encourage all SA citizens who are sports fans to actually not buy this load of rubbish written by Kevin Pieterson. I do realize that in writing this I am giving him some exposure and probably sales for his book, but for real he is really not cool.

I knew KP when he was at primary school at Merchiston, he was a couple of years below me, and even as a young boy he was pretty arrogant then, you know that kid at school that walked around like he owned the place.  I will give credit to anyone where credit is due. At school he was a pretty good swimmer, representing the school as well a KZN schools, as were his brothers.

I went to a different secondary school to him so did not see how he got on during these years. When I first started managing Professional Sportsmen, back in 1999, I was in the Cricket business, so was well connected at all levels.

Going back to some of the –  and knowing – his winging reasons for leaving SA for England, or what he likes to tell people and wants people to think, this is actual truth about why he left SA.

Back then the UCB (United Cricket Board) had implemented a quota system at all levels of cricket to transform Cricket in SA to be more representative of South Africa.

Now, I could go on about this, if it was the right way or the wrong way, but be that as it may, it was there and implemented.  Some agreed and some didn’t, but Cricket went on.

Back to KP, I have this from extremely reliable sources that were in the highest level of management at the UCB, that in fact when KP was about to enter the senior ranks of Cricket he, along with his parents, approached the UCB with an ultimatum.   Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, but yes KP had proved himself as a junior, but had not made the transition to the senior ranks, and as we all know sport you can be awesome as a junior but just cannot get across the line to the senior ranks. Anyway, his ultimatum to the UCB was that if they could not guarantee him a place in the National set up that he would leave and apply his trade in England. The response from the UCB, which I believe was the right one, was that they could not guarantee him a place as he had to prove himself at this level.  If he did this he would have no problem. But with there being a quota system in place competition was going to be hard.

So he pretty much didn’t accept that and went to England. No one heard from him for a long time, as he was learning to be a cricketer in the UK, and there too he was not guaranteed a place in the England set up, but he had to go through the channels and once he had proved himself he was selected.  Let’s face it, he came good and has turned out to be a top class act on the cricket field. Yes as SA we could say did we lose a good player, maybe, but we also gained some excellent players.

One has to ask the question, Did we, as SA, want to have a little upstart, arrogant, undisciplined person representing SA? If he was here the powers that be would have got rid of him.   Look at what happened to Andre Nel, he was in the mix and due to his discipline issues the UCB and now Cricket SA gave him a few chances and they too ran out of patience with him, so he is no longer.  So too has England come to the end with KP. If they decide to keep him in their set up, then what message are they sending to the other players? You can do as you want and as long as you say sorry, we will keep you.

The main thing here is that he left for England out of his own volition. If he had proved himself as a senior, or even been willing to give it a bash, and made huge scores etc and then still wasn’t selected then by all means, I too would have an issue with that. The fact was he was a junior and wanted more than what he was worth at the time, and without the guarantee from UCB is the most likely reason he upped and left .  But he left and then says it’s because he was “White.” What nonsense.

One must think that is this latest incident with text messages about his England team mates,  not a stroke of marketing genius as there is much media attention on him, and with this what a great time to launch a book. If it was planned then give the man a round of applause. Being the arrogant person he is, he probably thinks that England will forgive him in a few weeks time and put him back in the team, or maybe he doesn’t actually give a …… as if he is not obligated to England the IPL teams in India will pay a lot more for him knowing they will have him for their season, and will go into this next season of IPL fresh and rested from cricket.

Either way, he is and has proved he is a fantastic cricketer, the stats show this, but he doesn’t have to lie and talk nonsense to drum up support.  Love him! Hate him! Who cares, all one needs to see of him is his back as he leaves the cricket scene.


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  1. plustenner permalink

    I really enjoyed reading this, and totally agree with you. I think maybe this time KP played his last bluff, and a ‘sorry’ may not be enough

    • Thanks Alma. One has to get to a place where they say enough is enough. You cant keep saying sorry and then do wrong again and just say sorry. Its juts not good enough.

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